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Park Domains – What’s the Point?

One domain, two domain, three domains, four…what’s a girl to do with so many domains? If you happen to be like me and have an addiction to registering every cute quote that enters your mind, then you might wake up one day and find yourself the owner of more domains than you can handle. With so many domains burning a hole in your pocket, what can you do to offset the cost and possibly make a profit from your addiction?

Well the first thought that comes to mind is to park your domains and have them make money for you. Now there is no guarantee that your unused domain is going to make a profit for you, but a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing, which is what you will get if you do nothing with the domain but slap up an ‘Under Construction’ page.

Most registrars, such as Godaddy, offer domain parking for you where they will populate your page with ads that are related to the subject of the domain name. These ads are often updated and keep the page from becoming stagnated in the eyes of Google. Another service that offers domain parking solely for the purpose of generating revenue through ads is Sedo. They have been around a while and offer reputable domain parking services.

Now getting traffic to the page is the tricky part. If the domain you have is a misspelling of a popular domain, quote, or phrase, you may receive a fair amount of traffic to the domain. On the other hand, if you have purchased a domain that expired and already had traffic through backlinks and search engines then you could potentially receive a large amount of traffic. If the domain name is a popular keyword that has good search volume but low competition then you could also receive some traffic. If the domain name is some made-up word or phrase you and your buddies came up with then it is unlikely that you will see much traffic.

So how do you park your domain? Well if you are using the domain parking services at the registrar where you bought your domain name, such as Godaddy, then it pretty simple. You just go into your domain manager account and click the domain name you want to park. At this point you should see the option for CashParking under ‘Domain Enhancements’. Clicking the LearnMore/Add link will bring up a window with multiple options for you to choose from. You may choose the basic package for $3.59 per month and share 60% of the revenue generated by your domain. Or you can go with the premium option for $8.49 per month and share 80% of the revenue. Add your chosen option to your order and checkout.

Now, personally I am too cheap to pay to park my domains, especially when I am already sharing the revenue. So if you are anything like me you may want to check into services offered by Sedo. Sedo doesn’t charge you and you share the revenue generated from each click from your domain name. They also offer different layouts and images to give your page a unique look. Getting setup with Sedo is a little different but not too complicated. You first want to open an account at Sedo. Once you have your Sedo account set up you will need to go back to your registrar and select the domain you want to park. At this point you will need to change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to Sedo’s DNS, which they will provide you with. At that point you can go back to your Sedo account and manage your domains. A little more work, but if you are a cheap-skate like me you won’t mind too much.

Now unless you have tons of domains with decent traffic to park, it is unlikely you are going to get rich. But, you can generate a few extra bucks for dinner and a movie.

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