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How to Buy a Domain Name – Tips For the Newbie

If you are planning to make a income on the internet through your own internet marketing website or you just want to put up a website or blog about your favorite subject, there are certain steps that you have to complete first before you will be able to view your website online. One of the first and most important of these steps is buying a domain name. When you are new to this process it may all seem to be a little challenging, knowing just how to get started or what you have to do. If you find yourself in this position this article will definitely aid you when you are ready to buy your first domain name.

What is a domain name?

Simply explained a domain name is your one of a kind address on the internet. It allows Internet browsers (individuals searching the internet) to locate your particular website. Your domain name may be made up of your name, your business name, or variation of a set of relevant words associated with your website, company product, theme or subject. A good domain name will pretty much let people know what your website is about before they actually see or visit it.

Things to do before buying your domain name?

Because people and businesses have been buying up domain names for years now, it has been said that all of the good domain names have been taken already. Maybe this is true to some extent, however with a little research and imagination there should be no reason that you cannot create or find a domain name that you will be suited to you and or your website subject or niche. A good idea is to try to think of names or combinations of words and names that not only will tell the web surfer what your website is about but also be a name that is easy to remember, easy to spell, hard to forget. A domain name can be up to 67 characters in length, so it can also include names made up of a small phrase. such as “” or “”. These kind of domain names not only focus directly on what your website is about they are easier to remember than abstract or random characters or letters thrown together. You must also be aware that there are different types of domains which all have their certain type of extensions or ending: – Stands for company/commercial, but it can pretty much be used for any web site. – Stands for network and is usually used for a network of sites. – Stands for organization and is supposed to be for non-profit entities., .nu,, – Are country specific domain extensions that may require the register to be a citizen of the given country., .info – These and other like them are domain types that have been added because there are barely any short and intelligible domain addresses left to register.

When you are determining the type of domain name that is right for you simply stick to these guidelines: In the United States try to get In other countries, if you cannot get, then using your country’s domain extension is a workable remedy

Write down the different names you come up with that appeal to you, make sure to put down as many as you can think of so that when you begin your search for available names to buy, if your first choice is already taken, as it very well may be, you will have a number of alternate or backup names that you can try. Many times finding the exact domain name you want can be “HIT or MISS” it is good to be prepared. You may also be able to keep the domain name of your choice by simply changing one letter, character or hyphenation within the name.

If you are determined to have a particular domain name and find out that is already in use by someone else there may be the option of purchasing that name directly from the owner by using the “Whois System” to help you identify the current owner of that particular domain name so that you may contact and make a offer to purchase that particular domain name. However because this is your first time buying a domain name and that method can involve much more, I will save the how to about that issue for a later time or article.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have your list of preferred domain names you can now locate a service online that will not only show you the availability of the names but also register your chosen domain name as well. There are many of these companies and services to choose from. some of the better known and reliable services are:

“”,”Domain Name” and “”, you can also do a Google Search for “Domain name registries” to find other places to register your domain name.

Be prepared to pay between $8-$15 for your right to own your name for a one year period. This payment must be made annually to keep your ownership of your Domain name active. That is a good reason to choose a name that you will want to keep for a long time period. so that people will know exactly what your name is and where to find it over the years.

The last thing you will need to do is to take the IP address information provided to you from your webhost and in put input it at your domain name register before your domain name will function properly. It will allow the “DNS” (Domain Name System) to locate your domain name and website when your domain name is typed into a internet browser, this is called pointing you r domain name to your web host servers. A majority of domain registrars will probably require your IP and DNS server names in the course of registration, although some will call for you to go in and enter the information manually enter after your domain name registry fees have been paid.

Once you begin to follow the steps mentioned here in this article to buy your domain name you will see for yourself that they are not complicated at all, in fact buying a domain name is quite a simple process, so don’t let the idea of doing this very important task yourself stop you from getting your first domain name online.

Should You Buy an Existing Domain Name?

When you are thinking of buying a domain name for your business, have you taken an existing domain name into account? As you know domains come and go these days and sometimes it can be quite difficult to find a completely new one of your desire. Whether buying an existing domain name a good choice comparing with registering a brand new domain? Here I will bring you the disadvantages and advantages of purchasing an existing domain name and hopefully help you make a right decision.

I start from the advantages to searching for and purchasing an existing domain name. There are many reasons why an existing domain is welcomed for webmasters.

Firstly, you may expect a large amount of traffic that has previously flowed to that particular website. You can imagine that there are surely some customers of the older owner may not know that the domain name didn’t get renewed, so that they are of highly likely to visit that domain name after you buy the domain. In other ways, you can enjoy these traffic due to the hard effort of the previously owner. This could be an excellent beginning for your website to against totally no visitor.

Secondly, you may also benefits from the old owner who definitely pay their efforts in targeting keywords to ensure the domain name get listed higher at the search engine results page. In such cases, you domain name is search engine friendly and it will takes you less time and energy for SEO purpose.

Thirdly, the possibility of buying finding a short, catchy domain with the targeted keywords contained will be increased. As we all known, it is not an easy job to find a desired domain that is still available especially if your niche is quite competitive. Also due to the fact there are some domains owners buy these perfect domains simply as an investment, then short domain names are more likely to already be registered. Choosing the right domain name for your internet business enterprise becomes more challenging if you never take the existing domain names into account. Because it is not an easy job to find a good domain name that is still available you may be force to buy an existing domain name from the market.

An Disadvantage
However, if you have settled your mind for buying an existing domain, you should be aware of the potential pitfall. The major disadvantage of buying an existing domain name is that it may have been punished by the search engines for the inappropriate SEO tactics (or black hat techniques). If you are unfortunately enough and purchase domain of this kind, I would empathize. Under such circumstance, it is quite hard for your website to be get indexed again, which means even if you are going to invest a lot of money on promotion and SEO, you will receive no outcome absolutely.

To help you purchase a right existing domain to boost your business, below I have addressed some Dos & Don’ts. Hopefully, they will guide you to the right direction.


  • Search for the existing rankings of the domain name.
  • Look into the existing link of the website. Are there internal page links?
  • Think about the domain age and authority before buying.
  • Think over carefully whether the content building and link building deserve what you are asked to pay for.
  • Check out whether there are any penalties on the domain name.
  • Analyze the incoming links to see whether they target your desired keywords.
  • Figure out whether the backlinks are come from other sites that are also owned by the particular website owner. If this is the case, then it is very likely that these backlinks will be disappear very soon after you make the purchase.
  • Check out the existing traffic of that website and make sure there is no cheat.
  • Check out the age of the domains existing links.
  • Look for authority news sites linking to the domain.


  1. Do not buy an existing domain without taking its Google Page Rank into account.
  2. Do not buy an existing domain that only has low quality and spammy links.
  3. Do not simply focused on and pay a high investment on a keyword matching domain, and also remember not to go for hyphenated URL address.
  4. Do not buy an existing domain that has not been indexed by the major search engines.
  5. Do not buy an existing domain that is not in your niche, unless you will sell it in the future.
    It is not advised to build organic links with multiple domain purchases.

If you would like to get a brand new domain name, you can either:

1) get one from web hosting companies since many of them will offer you with free domains when you register their hosting solutions.

2) get one from a separate domain name registering company.

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7 Tips For Choosing a Domain Name For Your Business

Domain name is very important role in carrying out internet marketing. Can be said with the existence of this domain can become an identity in the business.

A good domain name can describe the business that is being managed by a person or company.

For that reason in choosing a domain name could not be any course we choose, especially for internet marketing activities, there must be some strong and clear reasons why you choose a domain name.

Here are some tips on choosing a domain name:

1. Free Domain Vs. Pay Domain

If you are really serious in doing internet marketing, it is obligatory for you choose a paid domain.

Remember!, Your business worth thousand or even millions of dollar, not to just because it matters a free domain name, your business to be destroyed.

Let say if you use a free domain name for your site running your business, how to build the trusted of your prospect while you promote your business of offer? People will think that your business just for temporary only.

Can you guess what in the mind readers? Maybe they said:

How can this person offer (teach) me how to earn money on the internet while he was still not able to use pay-domain?

I am sorry if any readers of this blog using the free domain, but I hope with this article you have realize how important having your own domain name (paid) plus some of the impact that occurs if you use a free domain name in running internet marketing.

In addition, paid domain name, you will be more motivated to work harder for fear of loss can not cover the cost of your domain name. This usually applies to people just starting to jump on this business.

2. Customize by Brand Business

If your business is engaged in hosting, so you will use the domain name that has something related with the word “host”, such as HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster and etc.

When you use the suitable domain with your brand business, people will recognize your niche of your business once they see your domain name.

3. Brief, clear, and easy to remember

Try to choose a short domain name, clear and memorable in the minds of people. If your domain name easy to remember, usually they will typed directly in the browser when they want go to your website. Standard size brief, clear and easy to remember is usually between 2-3 words. For example: internet business, learning WordPress, online bookstores and so on.

4. Using Your Own Name

Usually, people who use their own name as a domain name is Independent entrepreneurs or personal business. They use own name as a domain name to make it easier to build the image of people at once known by the name of their domain.

As we know, Internet business does not require us face-to-face to each other for making deal or business. That why use the domain name by itself is expected to build trust.

5. Motivation and Inspiring

You can also use domain names that can provide motivation and inspiration. Because sometimes when we use certain domain names will lead to the idea to create product or to continue to drive our business along the plan.

6. Search Engine Optimization Friendly

If you joined the Google AdSense program, no doubt, choosing keywords that search engine optimization friendly is very important. That because we need competing with others to take a place among the top in search engines.

7. Customize your Target Market Area

For the last tips, you must adjust your domain name based on the target market you are aiming.

It is for business reasons will not be far with domains labeled TLD (Top Level Domains) such as Com, Net, Org, and so on. But other than using it, there are several options that you can use, that is using the domain name based on the territory of a country that you are aiming.

If we target the Internet market for Malaysia, should be also the USA and so on.

I hope this article helps you to make the selection of domain names for your business.

Domain Hosting – Your Success Lies on Choosing the Right Company

No matter in which business you are involved in it certainly demands a website of your own. In today’s Internet Age, a business cannot make as a brick and mortar alone. This is why domain hosting would be an important term for you to learn and understand. Many hosting providers offer domain hosting today at very cheap and affordable prices. What you have to do is to find the best with unlimited domain hosting offers, as well as security and maintenance. However, do not be lured in by the Multiple domain unlimited hosting, stick to the single domain unlimited hosting as many multiple domain hosting providers oversell their servers. Just like on an airline when the airline oversells the seats on the plain, then they have to make special offers to have people volunteer to take the next flight. Well with hosting, there is no next flight and the oversold servers cannot keep up with demand, so your site will not be reachable.

Many hosting companies offer a free package which shows very attractive at the beginning but comes out with a negative outcome most of the time. Before you make your domain name registration, you must be sure that no other company or individual is using your name. The registration is offered online by the hosting companies. So you have to be very careful about choosing the right domain host for you, it is not all just about cost, most of the time it should only be about quality. Pick the web hosting company that is offering the highest quality of service as well as the free services available. Some offer privacy protection, an email account, dns services and even chat services for free with every domain name registered.

Picking out the best hosting among so many is a very big problem. Many things need to be considered, mainly the companies are offering you and what services will be best for you. If you are thinking about owning several sites, then you must look for a multiple domain hosting. All of your sites will be maintained under one panel. Be sure the hosting company provides you adequate space, sufficient bandwidth, strong security, regular maintenance and last but not the least a very spontaneous customer service. Your domain registration should be seamless and many hosting companies also offer secure web certificates. You need to look at everything and ensure you are relying on the right hosting company. And remember, watch out for domain hosts that are trying to offer unlimited hosting with multiple domains, multiple domain hosting should never be unlimited hosting.

Domain hosting is essential for every sort of business; it doesn’t matter if you own a hot dog stand or a multimillion dollar investing firm. Your domain hosting provider will provide you with a domain name such,.net etc., if possible get as it is the most recognized. But many web hosting companies are giving you the opportunity of hosting many websites with a single account. This is undoubtedly a risky feature.

What is multiple domain hosting? It is actually in high demand if you have several websites and you want to reduce the costs remarkably. You are running your several websites under one control panel. Only one hosting account is needed if the company offers you unlimited hosting “run”. Let me ensure this is clear. In multiple domain hosting you are to select a primary domain and then define the other sites as sub domain and this will reduce your total maintenance cost. It also offers you the optimum utilization of your space and data transfer rate (bandwidth).

Before registering with domain hosting companies, be sure you are the owner of the domain. Read the terms and condition carefully, all web hosting companies are not created equal; depend on a quality company like Gossimer instead. Many web hosting companies offer an unlimited bandwidth and space. But most of the space and bandwidth is not utilized by the customers. The load on the server is kept down because the basic website requires very few resources and this feature allows the hosting company to spread the load amongst a larger customer base.

Many cheap domain companies may offer you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and many more eye attractive offers. Is it possibly true? The answer is No. you have to understand they are not for a community service. Most of them offer you a shared server. So security is a big question. Moreover, if you carefully examine the website hosting terms and condition you will be able make sure you understand the entire thing and will not lose your domain because the host decides to claim it. Their offers most often indicate some limits of traffic or something. So, don’t run after the free offers.

If you are about to decide for a domain hosting company the last thing to check are the security facilities. You should make sure about your authorization of ownership, your unique domain name registration, the validity of your domain registration and the check out whether the terms and condition of the domain hosting provider are favorable for you or not. Do not look for the multiple domain hosting offers. It is worth the additional cost to host each domain name separately.

Domain hosting is the primary step of bringing your site into the global arena. So your business success lies immensely on choosing the right domain hosting company. Keep the words above in mind. Stay focused.

Get information about the benefits and advantages of having a great domain name that is provided by reputable provider. When you want to include domain hosting, you will be able to add this service in your package easily!