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Domaining and Domainers – Residual Income Through Domain Parking

Domaining is a fascinating business and investment vehicle because once the initial investment is made, it is a business that requires minimal attention. This makes it one of the best models of a residual income business on the web. However, this is not to say that domaining is easy. Working as a domainer simply means that you have to invest all your attention, effort and money up front, while researching what domains to buy.

Definition of Domaining

Domaining is basically the business of buying domain names as an investment. When thinking about this business, a good approach is to think of domain names as real estate. Think of them as pieces of virtual internet-land that have some intrinsic value, where the majority of that value stems from their location and from their degree of development. Their “location” is akin to their visibility on the web. Short recognizable names have the best location, and so they are also the most expensive. The buildings on a piece of land are akin to a website developed at a domain name. The website is likely to attract visitors either through it’s content or functionality, and therefore increase the value of the domain name.

Like any mature property business, most of the valuable names have already been snatched up and are only available at a premium. Speculative names are still available, as are names with unproven extensions (.info, .biz, .us, etc.) A big difference in the domain world though is that new names with potential are available all the time, as new phrases and trends become popular, as old domain names expire, and as new technologies emerge.

Monetizing a Domain Name

There are a million way to monetize a domain name if you are willing to develop a website on it, but since this article is about the purest form of domaining, I will only address ways to monetize domain names without developing them.

Reselling Domains – As with any piece of property, your domain may be worth more to someone else than you paid for it. This may be the case if you develop a knack for coming up with brandable names ahead of time (ie. google, digg, myspace, zappos), or if you manage to snap up names related to a developing trend or idea (ie. bird flu, wimax, AJAX). This is a speculative way of making money from domains, but your initial investment of $6-9 per domain won’t break the bank and might create a hefty return. Once you buy a few domain names, list them for sale on websites such as Sedo and DomainState to see if any of them get picked up. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Parking Domains – On the web, targeted traffic is worth money. Targeted traffic are simply visitors interested in a specific topic. If your domain names get traffic (more on this later) you can monetize that traffic by parking your domains with a domain parking service such as Sedo, DomainSponsor or Fabulous. You simply register with the service for free, point your domains to their DNS servers, and voila, you’re done. The service puts up a simple one page website on your domain that has advertiser links and information based on the keywords and category associated with your domain name. When visitors follow those links, you share the revenue generated with the domain parking service.

Finding Domain Names

There are many different strategies for coming up with and researching domain names to buy. There is plenty of (well researched) speculation out there, but there are also many domainers buying names with the intention of creating passive income. For this, the domainers buy domains that receive traffic that can be monetized.

The simplest way that a domain receives traffic without having a website on it is through type-ins. We’ve all been responsible for type-ins before when we went straight to the address bar and typed yahoo.com or money.com or bored.com. Sites such as cellphones.com and business.com get hundreds or thousands of targeted visitors a day through type-ins. Often, people will type their search terms directly into the address bar with .com, hoping to find information of interest. This behavior is characteristic of an internet newbie, but keep in mind that there are more newbies on the internet every day, and as broadband becomes more widely available, this is a trend that is going to continue.

Research time is the biggest investment a domainer makes before buying a name. A great free tool that I use for domain research is Domain All-in-One from DomainState. It allows you to quickly check the availability of domains, as well as look up keywords on Overture and domain popularity via Alexa. Below are a few strategies for picking and finding domain names.

Speculation – If you have a good head for names and can come up with catchy ones that might one day be a company’s next product or brand name, give it a try. Also try to spot upcoming trends and catch phrases, and register names related to them. Names in other languages, and names in other Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .info, .us, .biz, etc. are also quite open to speculation. Remember though that speculation is just that, and there is no guarantee of a future payoff.

Type-in Traffic – Most obvious keywords and phrases have already been registered, but new ones are coming into the public consciousness all the time. New music trends such as reggaeton, new global scares such as bird flu, and new technologies such as wimax present the early bird with an opportunity to register keywords and phrases that are likely to get more and more type-in traffic. Keep your eyes and ears open and do a little research every day to see what is available.

Typos – Misspellings of popular domains get traffic through type-ins. This includes domains such as gogle.com or yahooo.com, but also less obvious ones such as celphones.com and homelaons.com. These domains can be lucrative because you can park these domains using the right keyword and create instant revenue. For coming up with likely typos and determining their likelihood, I’ve found SearchSpell to be a very useful tool.

Expired Domain Names – Domain names expire every day without their owners bothering to re-register them. Expired domains may have hosted websites, portals, blogs, or businesses beforehand, and as a result they may have incoming links from other sites and they may come up in the search engines. This means that they are likely to get some traffic, which you can monetize through Sedo or other means. Since this is a such a profitable strategy, you most likely will have to go through a drop-catcher such as Pool, SnapNames, or NameWinner and pay a premium for the expired domain at an auction. Also, keep in mind that the traffic numbers at these sites are likely to drop over time as they fall in the search engine results and users realize the old page is no longer there.

Buying Proven Domains – If you have some capital laying around and are willing to pay a premium for an income stream, then you can buy domains that already have establish traffic and income. These domains can cost anywhere from the 1999 bubble price of $7.5 million for business.com, to more reasonable 5- and 6-figure prices of proven domains today, to a few hundred dollars for a domain with a minor income stream. Good places to start looking are SnapNames, Sedo, and the For Sale forum at DomainState. In this case, your investment might take a few months to a few years before you generate a positive return, but the security of an income has always been an expensive commodity.

Next Steps

If you are new to domaining, take time to learn the business and hold on to your wallet for now. There is a lot of great information out there at resources such as DomainState and DNJournal. Their articles and discussions are a great way to avoid many costly mistakes yourself and to learn where to invest your time and eventually your dollars.

Once you have a grasp of the business and enough confidence to get going, go ahead and start experimenting! Don’t spend large sums of money up front or buy hundreds of domain names at once. But do get started buying a few; one of the beauties of starting in this business is that you can register a domain for the price of a burger. Check out 1and1 and NameCheap. Put them up on Sedo, advertise them for sale, see what you get. And if you want to take the development route, go ahead and put a website up on them.

Be consistent and have fun. Learn about the business daily and try out new strategies until you find one that you’re comfortable with. Play your cards right and you too could soon be making money while you sleep.

How to Register an Online Domain Name

If you want a website you should consider the possibility of registering the domain name, rather than using a free site where your name is a sub-domain of another. Domain names such as the sitebuilder.com, or the domainwhiz.com are a good way to announce your online presence.

Choosing a name that fits your business or presence online is a great way to get the news out about the service that you’re offering to the public. It also tends to lend legitimacy to your online endeavors.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

As a rule, there is no perfect domain name. There are some guidelines that you ‘re going to want to use, such as naming the domain something that is related to your online business or service. A few tips on how to name your domain that may help you to choose:

Try to name the domain closely to the service.i.e. if you offer jewelry and the name jewelry.com is gone, try for glitteringgems.com or something that fits.

The alternative is naming your domain something you might type into a search engine to find your service. If you’d use the search phrase..cheap jewelry online, then try the domain names, cheap-jewelry, cheapjewelryonline, or some variant.

If you can’t get the names that you want, try variations with hyphens or underscores. Google sees the hyphen as a space and according to Matt Cutts, his preference is first for the hyphenated and then the all in one terms.

A good rule is to keep the domain name as short as you can get it and still make it reflective of your service.

Finding a Registrar

Generally speaking, a domain name that cost you 19.99 a month is no more secure and no more legitimate than one that you pay just 9.99 for. Every domain is registered through a registrar which is an employee, if you will, of ICANN.

You pay for the domain name for one or two years, which gives you the right to use it for that period of time. Prior to the expiration you are required to re-register it if you want to keep it for another time span.

Overview of Registration

You are often given the choice of receiving a lower cost domain name or a free one with a hosting purchase. My own preference is to use a registrar rather than to register with the host. In the past, using fine print that many of us don’t read, domain hosts registered the domains in their own name rather than the customers, effectively making them the owner of your domain. While this isn’t the norm, it’s better to be safe than lose your domain.

Registering with your own domain registrar assures that you are listed as the site owner, that other contact information is just as you wish it to be. Keep the domain locked to transfer as a rule of thumb when you are finished registering.

Domain names go fast. You need to register as soon as you think of a name. Some people actually wait for others to search the names and if they aren’t purchased immediately, they will register them. We’re not sure how true that is but it does seem that you can check out a name to register today and it will be gone tomorrow.

Some people claim there are no good names left. Thats doubtful. One mans meat, as they say, is another mans poison. You will quite likely find what you’re looking for if you try variants of it.

To actively register the domain.
Log into your domain registrar.

You will need either a PaPal account or a credit or debit card to register your name. Domain registrars don’t normally permit the use of any other type of funding.

The domain name that you’ve registered will go through and an email receipt will be sent to you. At this point you will need to go back into your domain registrar and change the DNS information to point to your hosting service so that your domain will show up online.

If you don’t yet have a hosting service then you can leave the domain parked on your registrar until you find one to use.

Domain Name Registrars

Some great domain name registrars are out there which are very reputable and offer great pricing. Several of those are listed here for your convenience.

GoDaddy.com-the largest domain registration operator in the world, prices are a little higher than you may pay elsewhere

Hostingdude.com-smaller operation but still offers five emails and domain parking until you have a host. Average domain cost is 7.99 for dot com’s and 6.50 for dot net domains.This is for the first year prices. Second year the prices rise to about 14.00 per domain.

Dotster.com-relatively popular, still a bit on the pricey side for a domain. Prices are about 15 dollars per domain.

Register.com-9.99 per year domains with one free email address.

Don’t Overpay For Your Domain Name – 5 Steps to Paying the Right Price

Your domain name can have a large impact on the success of your web presence. A domain that is easy to remember, enter and search for can increase the amount of traffic to your website. Although you still need to have valuable and relevant content when a visitor makes his or her way to your site, the domain name you purchase is a vital piece of your web strategy. You can think of your domain name as your property, and just as in purchasing a traditional piece of property, you need to take steps to make sure you are not paying too much.

Chances are high that your first domain name ideas are already taken by someone else. There is also a good probability that a domain name that you really like will be up for resale. When searching on one of the top domain selling websites, such as GoDaddy.com, the site will only tell you that that particular domain name is already taken. It will not tell you if the domain is actually for sale.

Do not give up quite yet — there is still a chance that you can get the domain name you really want, and there are tools out there that you can leverage. First, enter the desired domain in your web browser address field and see what comes up. You will either get an existing website (and thus you will know that the domain is already in use by someone) or you will get a parked site. A parked site looks very similar to a search engine results page. Owners of domains that are not currently being used, or may be up for sale, will often park their domains in an attempt to earn money off of them. If the domain name is parked, there is a high likelihood that the domain is actually for sale.

Next, check to see if your desired domain name is for sale is by entering it into the search field at a resale site, such as Sedo.com. Sedo.com specializes in domain reselling and auctioning. It is free to register, which you will need to do in order to see the asking price for your desired domain name. As a registered user, you have the choice of purchasing the domain at the asking price, or presenting an offer of your own. Now is when you will need to do your homework so that you can determine what is a fair selling price for your desired domain. Just as in the process of purchasing real property, you will need an appraisal. The domain appraisal will provide you important information about the domain’s history, as well as the dollar value of the domain name.

The good news is that there are several resources available that provide a domain’s appraisal report, and the reports are instantaneous. Even better news is that several of these resources are free.

A few of the websites that provide free domain appraisals are Estibot.com and Smartpagerank.com. The Estibot.com site only allows you to do up to 50 searches each day at the free account level.

The domain appraisal report will provide you with valuable information about the domain, such as the age of the domain (when it was first registered), traffic history, if the site is registered with any directories, the number of links and indexed pages by the major search engines and the estimated dollar value.

Now that you have appraisal reports, you can determine if the current asking price is reasonable, a bargain, or too high (most likely they start too high). Domain reselling sites and services allow you to make an offer, and then you will go back and forth with the current domain owner until you either come to an agreed upon selling price, or you decide to walk away and go after a different domain name.

Following these few steps can help you make sure you are paying a reasonable price for your domain.

1. Search for the availability of your desired domain name.

2. If your desired domain is listed as unavailable, enter it into your web browser, or enter it in a resale site such as Sedo.com

3. If your desired domain is for sale, determine the asking price.

4. Obtain at least two domain appraisals.

5. Leveraging the appraisal report, determine the price you are comfortable with, and make an offer.

David Akers is the President of Akers Consulting Group, LLC.

Akers Consulting Group, LLC is a boutique consulting organization, providing affordable, professional consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. Our list of services includes: Business Strategy, Marketing, Ad Campaign Design and Placement, Website Development and Optimization, Public Relations and Training Development and Delivery. Please visit our website to learn more about our services and to schedule your FREE Initial Consultation. Akers Consulting Group Helps Businesses Excel.

The Best Domain Names Have “Sticky Factor”

As a web consultant I am often asked what makes a good domain name. The simple answer is “sticky factor”. The best domain names are short, easy to spell, and often contain descriptive keywords. This makes them catchy and easy to remember, and that’s sticky factor.

Here’s what you do…

Tell each domain name you are considering to a group of family or friends then change the topic of conversation. An hour later ask them to repeat the domains to you. The ones they can remember have the most sticky factor. Try this with several different groups of people. Be sure to change the order in which you say the domain names. You want to make sure they remember it because it’s sticky, not just because you said it first each time.

How Professional Domain Brokers Choose Business Domains for Clients

  1. Avoid hyphens and numerals. The shorter and more concise your domain name the easier it will be for people to remember it. Symbols and numbers confuse people (i.e. home4rent.com, homeforrent.com, home-4-rent.com, etc). If you buy a domain name with a symbol or number you need to buy all the different versions or your customers will get confused and go to on the wrong website.
  2. Avoid abbreviations, unless they are universal. Your company name abbreviated might mean something to you, but to the vast majority of people it means nothing. It also means nothing to the search engines, unless the abbreviation is already common (i.e. USA for United States of America).
  3. Location does matter for businesses. People often search local terms (i.e. state, city, etc) when looking for businesses. For example, someone in Seattle would probably search something like, “Seattle auto mechanic” or “auto mechanic in Seattle” rather than just “auto mechanic”. Having your city, state, or county name in your domain name is one way to help boost your local search rank.
  4. Do not register trademarks or misspellings of trademarks. Just because a domain is available does not mean that it is legal for you to buy it. It is not the responsibility of your domain registrar (domain name supplier) to tell you if a domain is trademarked. Even if the sales representative tells you it is okay and sells it to you, YOU are still responsible. Use TESS ( Trademark Electronic Search System ) to search the United States Patent and Trademark Office for conflicting trademarks before you purchase a domain.
  5. Your domain name registrar (domain name supplier) should be; inexpensive, always available by phone, and located in the same country as you.
    Inexpensive: Domain names should only cost about $10 per year. If you’re paying more then you’re paying too much. If you’re paying less then you’re probably stuck in a contract and/or not getting the support you should.
    Open 24×7: The internet never stops and your website never stops, so your tech support should never stop either. If your site goes down at 11:30 PM on December 31st then you should be able to speak with someone in person to get back up and running quickly. After all, you might be running a marketing campaign or contest that starts during the oliday.
    Local to You: No offense to non-English speakers, but tech stuff is hard enough to understand without a spoken language barrier. Too many tech companies outsource customer support to countries that don’t speak the same language.
    If you’re in the US I recommend NerdWarehouse.com. They also offer Spanish language support.
  6. Choose your company name and domain name(s) at the same time. Ideally you want the main domain name (usually the.com) to be identical to the business name. This is not always an option, so read the next point.
  7. In some cases a generic domain name is better than a specific title. If your business name is made of generic industry terms the domain is probably already taken. Not to worry. You can always buy a keyword rich domain name. Think of the word combinations that people will search when looking for a product or service like yours and use those words to make a custom domain name.
  8. Select domains with both the.COM and.NET available. This prevents competitors and “domain squatters” (people that buy domains and hold them ransom) from buying the other versions and leading your confused customers to a website that is not yours. Since.com and.net are the most popular domains it is usually good enough to get just these, but some companies choose to buy several (i.e..com,.net,.org,.info,.me, etc).
  9. Even if you are not ready to setup a website you should still buy the domains now. Every day great domain names become available because someone forgot to renew them, or couldn’t afford them, or just decided they didn’t want them anymore. Good domain names do not last long and finding the right domain is hard, so if you find a good one buy it. If you find a better one, buy it. Who cares if you end up with several domains you never use? At least you got the one you wanted. It is more expensive to talk someone into selling you a domain name than it is to buy a dozen available domains, so act fast or you may loose your opportunity.

How to Select a High Converting Domain Name For Your URL

Since the dawn of the Web, it has become a universal truth agreed upon by every successful internet marketing expert around the World, that having a great domain name is critical to your success.

A domain name is a small group of words that you’ll purchase from a domain registration company and then redirect toward the URL of your Landing Page or Lead Capture Page. (URL = universal re-direct link)

Because a URL is the exact online address where a website is hosted and can contain a combination of words, letters, numbers and even random, seemingly meaningless characters like question marks, back-slashes and dots, it’s a great idea to have a short, targeted domain name that describes your business, marketing system, product or service.

If you are using an online marketing system in which everyone is given a similar URL for their Landing Page, having a domain name that separates you from everybody else using the same system, is critical to your success.

Therefore, the domain name you purchase should be short and simple and something that intrigues a person to click on it when displayed in an email, online advertisement or from any website where your domain is posted, like at Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Buying a Domain

As a rule of thumb, always buy your own name, or a version of it.

If your name is John Smith, you might want to buy JohnSmith.com, JohnSmith.net or JohnSmith.info.

If these are not available, you can use variations like WhoIsJohnSmith.com, MeetJohnSmith.com or PartnerWithJohnSmith.com

Even if you don’t use this domain right away, you will certainly want your own name for any personal branding you might create in the future. Of course, you can use it for your Landing Page as well, if you choose, depending on the market you displaying your domain for.

Aa a rule of thumb, it’s a great idea to use your own name in a domain, when marketing to your friends, fans or followers from the Social Media Market.

People who follow you and are your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace and/or any Social Media Platform, want to know YOU, and so by using your name or a version of it, this will create curiosity in your friends, fans & followers, perhaps compelling them to click on your link at your Profile Page.

When selecting a domain name for Online Advertising, it’s a great idea to create what is known as “relevance”, by including in your domain name, a couple or few words that appear on your Landing Page.

Because this is not a Social Media Advertising Campaign, using your name is not the best option because most often the cold market doesn’t know you, yet.

So, It’s better to go with more ‘Marketing Savvy’ words in a domain name that is short, sweet and intriguing to your audience.

Again, curiosity is one of the biggest factors in compelling people to click on your link. Your advertisement could even be overlooked, but your domain name might attract all the clicks.

A great way to come up with some ideas, is to build your Landing Page first, then purchase a domain name that matches up with some of the more powerful words on the page. Or, buy your domain name first and then make sure you use the words in it on your Landing Page at least a few times, closer to the top of the page in a Pre-Headline or Headline itself, where it will catch the attention of anyone who clicked on your domain name out of curiosity.

This will also help you get a good “Quality Score” with Search Engines, especially Google, if you are using Google AdWords to drive traffic to your Landing Page.

In addition, stay away from any abbreviations or spellings that are different than its normal spelling as it will confuse people.

For example, for the word “easy”, don’t use “EZ”. (not that we recommend that word as a part of your domain – just stay away from abbreviations)

The best domains use short words and phrases that are easy to spell and easy to remember.

A good domain name should create curiosity and intrigue people and make them want to see the information at your Landing Page or website.

Of course, if your Ad is well written and draws attention by high placement on Google’s Sponsored Ad Bars, your domain name is important, but what is MORE important, is that the searcher, now turning website visitor, finds what they were looking for when they click on your advertisement. Again, this is called “relevance”.

This goes for Social Media domain names as well. If one of your Facebook friends clicks on your displayed website address (your name.com), but they get wisked away to a Landing Page that reflects nothing about you and does not display your name, a picture of you, a video or anything about you, chances are they might think they are at the wrong page and most likely not even be interested.

You can buy inexpensive domain names at Go Daddy, if you don’t already have a domain registrar that you like. This is who I use for all my domain registration.

When visiting this website, the first thing you will want to do is Search for a Domain name, to see if it’s even available.

If it is, you will see suffixes available for the domain you choose, i.e..com,.net,.org,.us,.biz,.info, etc…

.Coms are usually associated with a website where a purchase might be made, ie. the word “commerce”.

.Nets could be used for “commerce” like a dot com, but are usually associated with a network that the website would represent.

.Info is usually associated with just that, information about someone or something

.Org is usually associated with information about an organization

And the list goes on!

Pick whichever you like, however, remember that Dot com domains usually get the biggest response, not because you’ll have the best domain name online, but because.com domains were the first to the marketplace when the internet was still in its infancy and if people forget that your domain is a.net or.biz or.info, they will always go to the.com version of your domain.

Be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for a newly registered domain name to be active so be sure not to start marketing it or sharing it with others until you have thoroughly tested it to make sure that it forwards to your Landing Page.

Now, after purchasing a domain name, you will want to forward it to your website URL.

Forwarding your domain to your URL is similar to someone calling your home telephone number, but being “forwarded” to your cell or mobile phone.

Forwarding a domain name is the same concept – you choose where your purchased “Domain”, forwards to, in this case, your URL.

You can even “mask” your domain name, which simply means that when a visitor lands on your site, they will not see the URL, but the domain name which you purchased, forwarded and now want to display in the address bar of your website.

So this is how to select a high converting domain name for your URL and how to make sure that your Landing Page and/or Website gets as much traffic as possible when advertising and marketing online.

Just keep in mind that your domain name marks the beginning of your Marketing System or Funnel, so make sure that it catches people’s attention, compels them to want to look at your business and is a working link that will take them directly to your website.

Aaron Rashkin is an MLM, Direct Sales / Network Marketing & Home Based Business Expert whose 15 years experience being self employed in Free Enterprise has allowed him to earn a high multiple six figure yearly income since 2004 and currently his team reaches well over 10,000 people in 14 countries doing millions of dollars in business every year.

He’s recently transitioned from Traditional MLM to the GPT / Direct Sales Business Model and has earned as much as 86K in a single month working from his home office and around his family.

Should You Buy an Existing Domain Name?

When you are thinking of buying a domain name for your business, have you taken an existing domain name into account? As you know domains come and go these days and sometimes it can be quite difficult to find a completely new one of your desire. Whether buying an existing domain name a good choice comparing with registering a brand new domain? Here I will bring you the disadvantages and advantages of purchasing an existing domain name and hopefully help you make a right decision.

I start from the advantages to searching for and purchasing an existing domain name. There are many reasons why an existing domain is welcomed for webmasters.

Firstly, you may expect a large amount of traffic that has previously flowed to that particular website. You can imagine that there are surely some customers of the older owner may not know that the domain name didn’t get renewed, so that they are of highly likely to visit that domain name after you buy the domain. In other ways, you can enjoy these traffic due to the hard effort of the previously owner. This could be an excellent beginning for your website to against totally no visitor.

Secondly, you may also benefits from the old owner who definitely pay their efforts in targeting keywords to ensure the domain name get listed higher at the search engine results page. In such cases, you domain name is search engine friendly and it will takes you less time and energy for SEO purpose.

Thirdly, the possibility of buying finding a short, catchy domain with the targeted keywords contained will be increased. As we all known, it is not an easy job to find a desired domain that is still available especially if your niche is quite competitive. Also due to the fact there are some domains owners buy these perfect domains simply as an investment, then short domain names are more likely to already be registered. Choosing the right domain name for your internet business enterprise becomes more challenging if you never take the existing domain names into account. Because it is not an easy job to find a good domain name that is still available you may be force to buy an existing domain name from the market.

An Disadvantage
However, if you have settled your mind for buying an existing domain, you should be aware of the potential pitfall. The major disadvantage of buying an existing domain name is that it may have been punished by the search engines for the inappropriate SEO tactics (or black hat techniques). If you are unfortunately enough and purchase domain of this kind, I would empathize. Under such circumstance, it is quite hard for your website to be get indexed again, which means even if you are going to invest a lot of money on promotion and SEO, you will receive no outcome absolutely.

To help you purchase a right existing domain to boost your business, below I have addressed some Dos & Don’ts. Hopefully, they will guide you to the right direction.


  • Search for the existing rankings of the domain name.
  • Look into the existing link of the website. Are there internal page links?
  • Think about the domain age and authority before buying.
  • Think over carefully whether the content building and link building deserve what you are asked to pay for.
  • Check out whether there are any penalties on the domain name.
  • Analyze the incoming links to see whether they target your desired keywords.
  • Figure out whether the backlinks are come from other sites that are also owned by the particular website owner. If this is the case, then it is very likely that these backlinks will be disappear very soon after you make the purchase.
  • Check out the existing traffic of that website and make sure there is no cheat.
  • Check out the age of the domains existing links.
  • Look for authority news sites linking to the domain.


  1. Do not buy an existing domain without taking its Google Page Rank into account.
  2. Do not buy an existing domain that only has low quality and spammy links.
  3. Do not simply focused on and pay a high investment on a keyword matching domain, and also remember not to go for hyphenated URL address.
  4. Do not buy an existing domain that has not been indexed by the major search engines.
  5. Do not buy an existing domain that is not in your niche, unless you will sell it in the future.
    It is not advised to build organic links with multiple domain purchases.

If you would like to get a brand new domain name, you can either:

1) get one from web hosting companies since many of them will offer you with free domains when you register their hosting solutions.

2) get one from a separate domain name registering company.

Hostease is a leading web hosting company, who offers REAL 24/7 support via email, live-chat and phone for client’s satisfaction. We never overload our server. All of our plans include the latest industry features available on the market. We cater for the personal blog as well as the multiple websites for large business group. Our packages are equipped with the features needed to meet all of your requirements.

7 Tips For Choosing a Domain Name For Your Business

Domain name is very important role in carrying out internet marketing. Can be said with the existence of this domain can become an identity in the business.

A good domain name can describe the business that is being managed by a person or company.

For that reason in choosing a domain name could not be any course we choose, especially for internet marketing activities, there must be some strong and clear reasons why you choose a domain name.

Here are some tips on choosing a domain name:

1. Free Domain Vs. Pay Domain

If you are really serious in doing internet marketing, it is obligatory for you choose a paid domain.

Remember!, Your business worth thousand or even millions of dollar, not to just because it matters a free domain name, your business to be destroyed.

Let say if you use a free domain name for your site running your business, how to build the trusted of your prospect while you promote your business of offer? People will think that your business just for temporary only.

Can you guess what in the mind readers? Maybe they said:

How can this person offer (teach) me how to earn money on the internet while he was still not able to use pay-domain?

I am sorry if any readers of this blog using the free domain, but I hope with this article you have realize how important having your own domain name (paid) plus some of the impact that occurs if you use a free domain name in running internet marketing.

In addition, paid domain name, you will be more motivated to work harder for fear of loss can not cover the cost of your domain name. This usually applies to people just starting to jump on this business.

2. Customize by Brand Business

If your business is engaged in hosting, so you will use the domain name that has something related with the word “host”, such as HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster and etc.

When you use the suitable domain with your brand business, people will recognize your niche of your business once they see your domain name.

3. Brief, clear, and easy to remember

Try to choose a short domain name, clear and memorable in the minds of people. If your domain name easy to remember, usually they will typed directly in the browser when they want go to your website. Standard size brief, clear and easy to remember is usually between 2-3 words. For example: internet business, learning WordPress, online bookstores and so on.

4. Using Your Own Name

Usually, people who use their own name as a domain name is Independent entrepreneurs or personal business. They use own name as a domain name to make it easier to build the image of people at once known by the name of their domain.

As we know, Internet business does not require us face-to-face to each other for making deal or business. That why use the domain name by itself is expected to build trust.

5. Motivation and Inspiring

You can also use domain names that can provide motivation and inspiration. Because sometimes when we use certain domain names will lead to the idea to create product or to continue to drive our business along the plan.

6. Search Engine Optimization Friendly

If you joined the Google AdSense program, no doubt, choosing keywords that search engine optimization friendly is very important. That because we need competing with others to take a place among the top in search engines.

7. Customize your Target Market Area

For the last tips, you must adjust your domain name based on the target market you are aiming.

It is for business reasons will not be far with domains labeled TLD (Top Level Domains) such as Com, Net, Org, and so on. But other than using it, there are several options that you can use, that is using the domain name based on the territory of a country that you are aiming.

If we target the Internet market for Malaysia, should be used.my or.com.my also the USA market.us and so on.

I hope this article helps you to make the selection of domain names for your business.

Domain Hosting – Your Success Lies on Choosing the Right Company

No matter in which business you are involved in it certainly demands a website of your own. In today’s Internet Age, a business cannot make as a brick and mortar alone. This is why domain hosting would be an important term for you to learn and understand. Many hosting providers offer domain hosting today at very cheap and affordable prices. What you have to do is to find the best with unlimited domain hosting offers, as well as security and maintenance. However, do not be lured in by the Multiple domain unlimited hosting, stick to the single domain unlimited hosting as many multiple domain hosting providers oversell their servers. Just like on an airline when the airline oversells the seats on the plain, then they have to make special offers to have people volunteer to take the next flight. Well with hosting, there is no next flight and the oversold servers cannot keep up with demand, so your site will not be reachable.

Many hosting companies offer a free package which shows very attractive at the beginning but comes out with a negative outcome most of the time. Before you make your domain name registration, you must be sure that no other company or individual is using your name. The registration is offered online by the hosting companies. So you have to be very careful about choosing the right domain host for you, it is not all just about cost, most of the time it should only be about quality. Pick the web hosting company that is offering the highest quality of service as well as the free services available. Some offer privacy protection, an email account, dns services and even chat services for free with every domain name registered.

Picking out the best hosting among so many is a very big problem. Many things need to be considered, mainly the companies are offering you and what services will be best for you. If you are thinking about owning several sites, then you must look for a multiple domain hosting. All of your sites will be maintained under one panel. Be sure the hosting company provides you adequate space, sufficient bandwidth, strong security, regular maintenance and last but not the least a very spontaneous customer service. Your domain registration should be seamless and many hosting companies also offer secure web certificates. You need to look at everything and ensure you are relying on the right hosting company. And remember, watch out for domain hosts that are trying to offer unlimited hosting with multiple domains, multiple domain hosting should never be unlimited hosting.

Domain hosting is essential for every sort of business; it doesn’t matter if you own a hot dog stand or a multimillion dollar investing firm. Your domain hosting provider will provide you with a domain name such as.com,.net etc., if possible get a.com as it is the most recognized. But many web hosting companies are giving you the opportunity of hosting many websites with a single account. This is undoubtedly a risky feature.

What is multiple domain hosting? It is actually in high demand if you have several websites and you want to reduce the costs remarkably. You are running your several websites under one control panel. Only one hosting account is needed if the company offers you unlimited hosting “run”. Let me ensure this is clear. In multiple domain hosting you are to select a primary domain and then define the other sites as sub domain and this will reduce your total maintenance cost. It also offers you the optimum utilization of your space and data transfer rate (bandwidth).

Before registering with domain hosting companies, be sure you are the owner of the domain. Read the terms and condition carefully, all web hosting companies are not created equal; depend on a quality company like Gossimer instead. Many web hosting companies offer an unlimited bandwidth and space. But most of the space and bandwidth is not utilized by the customers. The load on the server is kept down because the basic website requires very few resources and this feature allows the hosting company to spread the load amongst a larger customer base.

Many cheap domain companies may offer you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and many more eye attractive offers. Is it possibly true? The answer is No. you have to understand they are not for a community service. Most of them offer you a shared server. So security is a big question. Moreover, if you carefully examine the website hosting terms and condition you will be able make sure you understand the entire thing and will not lose your domain because the host decides to claim it. Their offers most often indicate some limits of traffic or something. So, don’t run after the free offers.

If you are about to decide for a domain hosting company the last thing to check are the security facilities. You should make sure about your authorization of ownership, your unique domain name registration, the validity of your domain registration and the check out whether the terms and condition of the domain hosting provider are favorable for you or not. Do not look for the multiple domain hosting offers. It is worth the additional cost to host each domain name separately.

Domain hosting is the primary step of bringing your site into the global arena. So your business success lies immensely on choosing the right domain hosting company. Keep the words above in mind. Stay focused.

Get information about the benefits and advantages of having a great domain name that is provided by reputable provider. When you want to include domain hosting, you will be able to add this service in your package easily!