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Why Should You Sell Domains?

“Money for nothing and the chicks for free”:
that is the perfect slogan for the life of people who buy and sell domains. Why? Because if you make it big in domain names, you are pretty much set for life. Sure, I may be making thousands a month with little investment, but the real big fishes make that a day. It might seem crazy, but it’s true. I do not work a day job, because I don’t need to: I sell domains. I do not labor 8 hour work days: I sell domains. That’s right, domains can make your life a lot nicer than it is now. If you are looking into domain investing, but are still on the fence as to whether it’s worth it, I hope that this article will help you make your decision.

Different people (and not only those who sell domains) have different opinions about investment. Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t spend money to make money. Investors will tell you that you should spend a lot of money to make money. The truth is that they are both partly right. As the old adage goes, ‘nothing in life is free’. All great businessmen needed capital to start their business. Whether their parents gave them money, whether they used to work a day job, or whether they took out a loan, they all input some money into their work. Benjamin Franklin wrote that “money begets money”, and that is as true now as it was back in colonial America. But a clever investor can compromise: you do need money to get rich, but you only need a bit. This is where domain names come in: Buy domains to sell domains and you make fortunes, but more importantly: buy domains to sell domains and you never lose out.

Domain names cost between $4-$9 to register, and they can sell for thousands. This phenomenon in the market is dissimilar to anything seen before. Domains sell for the price of diamonds, but they are not rare. Domains can be sold for the price of a space shuttle component, but anyone can sell them. Domains cost under $10 to purchase, but they are sold for 1,000 times that amount. Domain names are the perfect investment simply because of these qualities. They are a casino players’ dream: they are a minimal risk with high payouts. And even if you are unfortunate enough to buy a domain which you can’t sell (which is very unlikely, as almost all of my domains have brought in variable amounts of profits for me, but profits nonetheless), it is only a $4-$9 tax write off.

Yet the thing about selling domains is that it’s an intelligent business. It might only require a minimal investment, but it certainly isn’t something that you can just throw money at. To sell domains, you need more than the $4-$9 needed to register the domain. That’s right, to sell domains you need the ‘know-how’ of a modern day investor. This might sound pompous and grand, but it really isn’t: there is a bit for you to learn before you sell domains, but it really isn’t too hard to grasp. The successful domainers know how to buy domains cheaply and sell domains at high prices. They know how to acquire domains which inherently sell for high prices, and they know how to turn any domain into a gold mine. Selling domains isn’t just a ‘buy domain, sell domain’ game, it is a game which has rules; And if you know these you will definitely do well. While the rules as to how to sell domains may be easy, most domainers do not know them… and most domainers are losing out on their most juicy opportunities to sell domains.

What does all of this mean? Buying domains to sell domains is a great investment: it has minimal risk, it has high profits, and it is open to just about anyone with a credit card to buy the domains and a bank account to deposit the profits made from selling domains. But before you go out and buy domains, get informed. Nobody can just sell domains and sell domains without knowing how the big guys made it. Buy physical books on investment, eBooks on how to sell domains, and listen to the latest trends in the industry. As soon as you master the rules of the game, you will win, and the prize is usually valued in the thousands of dollars. Since the internet is growing incredibly fast, if you know how to sell domains now, you have a pretty nice life ahead of you.